Thank you for your interest in joining the Bear Valley Search and Rescue Team. We are actively recruiting new members and we encourage prospective applicants to submit an application. Our team is comprised of dedicated, unpaid volunteers who are trained in specific areas of search and technical rescue.

Bear Valley SAR Team members are non-paid employees of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. County requirements include -

Entry level requirements

    • At least eighteen years of age

    • A legal resident of the United States

    • Possess a high school diploma or GED

    • Possess a valid driver's license

    • Posses current automobile insurance

    • Pass a background investigation

    • Complete a physician’s physical examination

    • Agree to attend and complete the basic search and rescue academy (BSAR) within twelve months of appointment as a volunteer

What Bear Valley SAR Expects from its Members

Search and rescue is a rather large commitment in your time and money. In the first year, much of your time and effort will go into your training. Please be certain that this is a commitment that you can keep before going through the vetting process. It’s our hope you’ll decide that search and rescue is an endeavor you will pursue with personal commitment. Once you are mission ready, you can take great pride in knowing that you are very well-trained and a huge asset to your community.

  • Team members must be able to commit the time necessary to learn search and rescue skills and respond at any given time to a search and rescue mission.

  • You will learn various tactics and methods of search, rescue, human tracking, land navigation techniques, rope rescue, incident command system, search management, first aid and other support functions.

  • General meetings are held monthly on the third (3rd) Monday in the evening, followed by a short training. Training is generally the Saturday following the general meeting.

  • There is a required 24-hour SAR backpack that must be maintained. Members must furnish their own gear to be used in trainings and missions. Equipment costs should be considered prior to applying.

  • Team members are expected to be good physical condition. Each Regular member must complete the team's physical fitness evaluation annually. This involves a timed hike with a 25-pound backpack.

  • CPR and basic first aid certifications must always be maintained by all members.

Prospective Member Application Process

Prospective members should complete the preliminary application located here and send to the following:

Once the preliminary application is approved, prospective members will need to attend three (3) monthly team meetings within a six (6) month time period, complete an oral interview, and then complete the full application packet within sixty (60) days.